Deep cleaning and cooling of yarns

The DETOX BALANCE line provides the removal of scalp residue, such as pollution, chlorine, salt and chemicals used regularly, which accumulate in the hair and do not go away with the usual washings: consequently they cause an overload of impurities that compromise the balance and appearance of hair. besides stimulating growth.




  • Detox Shampoo - 290ml
  • Detox Conditioner - 290ml


DETOX CAPILLAR helps to release hair, cosmetics or excess pollution that are trapped and accumulate in the scalp, stimulates the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands and solves problems with oiliness.

Deep cleansing provides intense capillary sanitization, which relieves hair and scalp from excesses and impurities that are impregnated and do not go out in the usual washings. Capillary detox adds nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, which are essential for hydration, cuticle sealing and shielding.

The excess waste does not let the hair bulb breathe and as a result the hair takes time to grow. The cleaning hair grows stronger because the hair process activates blood circulation, which ensures the health of hair.

CAPILLARY DETOXTION helps to combat free radicals and restores the health of wires and scalp. Back to its natural state, sebaceous glands and blood circulation work best.